Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge March 2017 – Hidden Feather Swirl

A break from exams!

So that means time to soap and better still… time for a challenge!! The first since July 2016!

I’ve done a hidden feather swirl before which had gone really well so figured this would be a breeze! Here’s the first and only other feather I’ve attempted – gonna go ahead and say it was beginners luck!


So onto this challenge. I used my go to slow moving recipe and used a FO that I’d read behaved – Lavender and Cucumber. Achieving emulsion was easy enough but my soap took forever to get thick enough to pour and I made the mistake of pouring my first layer for the feather when it was still too thin so it just sank right down to the bottom of the soap. I left it to get a little thicker before trying again and the rest of the pour seemed to go ok but I wasn’t in love with the result. Plus because I knew I’d done a much better feather in the past I knew I could do it again.

Here is attempt #1:


I like the colours but it’s not a feather

So onto attempt #2

I used the same slow moving recipe as the last attempt but used a different FO this time – Black Raspberry Vanilla from Mad Oils which is a beautiful FO! Turns out this also behaves VERY well and meant my soap took forever to get thick enough to pour again. I was a lot more restrained this time though and managed to hold back from pouring until it was ready to go! I used colours I thought would ‘POP’ and went which black (AC), white (TD), neon pink/orange and a very pale orange base using neon orange with a little TD. On my first attempt the dividers I was using for the feather had started to move so I was careful to keep topping up the sides this time to stop the dividers from slipping outwards. I finished pouring and felt it had gone really well but time would tell. Attempt #2 will be my entry for the challenge.


I’m happy with this one 🙂


But then I had another plan!

I wanted to try something a little different so thought I would try to create 2 feathers within 1 bar – 1 each way up by pushing my tool down through one feather and up through the other. I fashioned myself a set of dividers out of plastic and cardboard so that they were all one unit – I figured it would make them more stable verses having 4 individual dividers. Used my usual slow moving recipe and selected colours – turns out I don’t actually like the colours I chose which is part of the reason I’m not using it as my entry. I decided to stickblend a little longer this time to try speed up the process but as is usually the case my FO (gin & tonic) decided it was going to do that job for this soap! So I had to move quite quickly this time to pour but thankfully I didn’t have to try and control the dividers. Apart from the soap being thicker than I would have liked it seemed to go to plan but I knew I wasn’t in love with my colours – that will teach me not to plan my colours in advance! And here it is:

FullSizeRender 4 copyFullSizeRender 4

And that’s the end of this month’s challenge and as usually here are a few more images!!


8 thoughts on “Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge March 2017 – Hidden Feather Swirl

  1. Amazing… you obviously can’t give up. Wow! Love your soaps…even the ones that don’t make you happy. Great job. You deserve the perseverance award!!! And your final entry is beautiful. Keep soaping.


  2. Nice job, Sonya! It’s wonderful to have you back in the Club!! Your entry soap almost reminds me of a butterfly, the way the black outlines the feather all the way to the top! The Black Raspberry fragrance is one of my favorites – not only does it give a LONG time to work with the soap, but the scent is amazing!!!!

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  3. well your beginners luck for your first soap is beautiful and so are your others I like seeing the batches that people make and that they don’t submit and all of yours are great! beautiful colors and clean lines when I look at your entry I think flowy and light very pretty

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful soap – with such clean and crisp lines and brilliant colors, the design absolutely pops! I just love how perfectly the feather is outlined, too. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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